Ревокс а77 схема

The company moved to Löffingen, West Germany, in 1966, due to labour issues in Switzerland. The M51 MKII is available with two different amplifiers. Produced from about 1985. Many consider ReVox open-reel tape recorders to be high-end audio equipment.

The operation of Multiroom require the availability of the corresponding Multiroom module and small amplifiers of the type M219 in the remote rooms. The Pool’s spartan, self-assured songs are experiments you can dance to. Replace with the improved black/gray type (apparently under the same part #s) to cure.

Главная фишка — кварцевый стабилизатор, регулировки частоты вращения с цифровым дисплеем, который показывает реальное выбранное значение скорости. The first machines, designated T26 ware made in 1949. Many still operate today and are already valued as collector’s items — a distinction that few electronic products can claim. Das in Serie liegende Trimmpot P 201 ermöglicht, die Resonanzfrequenz leicht zu verstimmen, wodurch die kleine Geschwindigkeit separat geeicht werden kann.

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